Join award winning author, pediatrician, and youth inspirational speaker Dr. Jasmine Zapata AKA Dr. Jaz for a book filled with 7 fun, interactive and inspirational activities related to overcoming obstacles and winning in life. 
This book is geared for youth and young adults who have big goals in life but sometimes feel discouraged or like life keeps knocking them down. 
Through word puzzles, journal prompts, reflection questions, poems, positive affirmations, stories and more, Dr. Jaz reminds young warriors that they are strong, resilient, and capable of overcoming any obstacle in life- if they don't give up. 
This book is also organized in "rounds" rather than chapters. The reader is challenged to survive all 7 "rounds" of activities, reflections and stories until they win the fight by making it to the end of the book. Will you accept the challenge? Let's get started right away! 
Life is A Battle, but WE WILL WIN.
Never give up!
Grab a copy for the youth and young adults in your life today! :) 

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